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12M Long table type assembly line

Model type: 12000 L×400wbelt)×750H(mm)

2.Single way PVC belt conveyor, galvanized roller transfer, independent frequency control of motor speed.

3.Stable performance, safety and reliability, simple operation.

Motor :

Adopt 750W motor, WPS 60 type 1: 60 of the speed reducer, the Chinese famous brand SANJING 1 HP's frequency multiplier, frequency conversion sleepless speed regulation, linear speed 2-6m/min can be adjusted.

Machine body

& frame :

Frame made by 40 x 40 square tube, stand by the same 40 x 40 square pipe production and become, below the belt by four points galvanized drum retainer and transfer; Leg match galvanized adjustable foot cup; Head plate with 1.2 mm cold plate bending rolling forming, body 2 meters one pieces.

Conveying belt:

Using the Netherlands imported high quality green light delivery special PVC belt, thickness of 2 mm, width of 400 mm, belt total length is 24000 mm, ring seamless pyro-condensation connection.

working station :

Long working table,made of high quality 15mm plywood  specifications for the 12000 ×400×20 mm, arranged at two sides, fastening on both sides of the fuselage layout.surface treated with green antistatic materials , four sides with green T plastic strips ; fastening on both sides of the machine .


supply arrangement:

1.0 galvanized sheet bending and become, 2000x50x25 galvanized wire slot, is located under the fuselage belt, on both sides installation three, two square socket (every 1 m/workstation install one, bilateral installation).

Lamp lighting

H type light fixtures are located in the belt on both sides, choose 40 x 20 square tube welding production, connection on the machine body every 2m a frame with cold plate bending a 2000x50x25 plastics sprayed slot connection power, makes workers operating space more open, lighting choose LED T8 lamp, bilateral along the line arrangement.

Electric devices


Full range of electrical control done by a distribution box, with power left and right road control.

Operation card

Located in the middle frame processing instruction card stand all the way, uses the H - type aluminum rails manufacture, card board with A4 transparent hard plastic.

The upper table

12000×400×13mm,by 30L angle steel bearing ,made of 13mm high quality plywood ,surface with anti-fire materials, space between the belt is 400mm.

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